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24 Courts – Open 7 Days a week

Our History

Tennis has been played at the current centre at Victoria Park since 1925 when the City Council constructed five courts (the present courts 1 to 5) and leased them to the Central Queensland Lawn Tennis Association.  Ten extra courts were constructed by the Association in 1949 with a further ten added in 1968, making the Rockhampton centre with 25 courts the largest in Queensland.  The year 1968 also saw the conversion of most of the court surfaces from “dirt” to PlexiPave for easier maintenance.  In 1994, the Association changed its name to the Rockhampton Tennis Association Inc.

Tennis Rockhampton - Tennis Centre 1950

Many well-known tennis identities have competed hereBy far the most famous is Rod Laver, “The Rockhampton Rocket”, who grew up playing tennis at the Centre before leaving at the age of 14 to join the Harry Hopman Coaching School in Brisbane.  The Rod Laver Hall, completed in December 1963, was named in honour of Rod’s 1962 Grand Slam win (when he won all four majors in that year).

The Centre hosts many ranked tournaments such as the Queensland State Age, Junior Masters events, Australian Money Tournaments and ProTour events.

In 2008, the Rockhampton Regional Council won funding for the Centre under a regional tennis program announced by the Queensland Government and Tennis Queensland.  During 2009 and 2010, twenty of the courts were redeveloped into nineteen international standard courts with lighting and a new clubhouse was built.  The Council called tenders for the operation of the new facility, requiring management of the Centre on a commercially sustainable basis.  Tennis Rockhampton Limited, a non-profit company with a Board comprised of Directors with the appropriate business and tennis administration skills, was set up by the Rockhampton Tennis Association to bid for the operation of the Centre.   The bid was successful and in January 2011, Tennis Rockhampton commenced operating at the newly named Rockhampton Regional Tennis Centre.

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