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4922 5181

24 Courts – Open 7 Days a week

Club Membership

All Rockhampton Tennis Membership Packages include Tennis Qld Registration. There is a 10% discount from prices listed below, for early payment for all packages if paid by Fri 12th March 2021. TQ Registration includes:

  • Access to early tickets to Aust Open and Brisbane International
  • Player insurance
  • Eligibity to play in TQ events
  • Discounted court hire

SPECIAL CONDITIONS: All court packages for free court hire apply to your half of the court.  If the person at the other end (or one of the people at the other end if doubles) also has a court package, then court hire is free.  Otherwise the person at the other end pays half the rate applicable to them.  Eg. Daytime nonmember ($17/2 = $8.50/hour).

  • Standard non-member court hire rates are
  • Daytime $17/hour and Nighttime $20/hour
  • Court hire is subject to availability. It is recommended to book a court to check for availability by calling 07 4922 5181, just in case we have a tournament. Alternatively, check online for availability and booking.

Annual Membership Packages – 60% Discount after 30th June.

  • Fixture Membership $100 - Required to play in any fixture competition held at the centre.  Entitles member to free daytime court hire if courts available.  Plus $5 discount on night court hire rates  = $13/hour to pay.
  • Social Membership $20 - Required to participate in TRL Social events. Court hire discount = $5/hour.

Court Membership Packages

  • Family Court Hire $300 - If you have two or more tennis fanatics in the family, then this package is for you.  This package includes FREE daytime court hire (Based on immediate family, children 18 years and younger) plus optional Fixture Registration (extra $160)  for the whole family.
  • 24/7 Court Access $310Unlimited day and night court access for one person.+ Optional Fixtures (extra $70 )
  • Single Court Hire Package per month (daytime) $40 - For temporary visitors to Rockhampton

Hot Shots Registration

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